Photos by Rosalie O'Connor

       Through a series of gentle guided movement sequences, classes will help

you to explore your unique patterns and habits.  This will bring you to a deeper understanding of your neuro-muscular organization and allow you to make more informed choices about your physical well-being.  Classes are non-competitive

and tailored so that each person can explore their unique organization in a safe

and nurturing environment.


      The lessons are easy and can benefit everyone.  The effects can be immediate

and powerful.  The ideas that  'less is more, that it is better to move slowly, that

there is more gain without  pain, and that movement should be done within one's comfort level'  will allow you to enhance and deepen your learning . 


       Lessons were developed by Moshe Feldenkrais as a means to re-engage the

nervous system in the basic learning process we all had as children and may

have lost as we got older.  The lessons use innovative movement sequences

which address every part of the body and all aspects of human functioning.  Each lesson reveals the essential relationships in a particular pattern of movement or action.


      After a lesson people often express  feelings of relaxation, renewal and revitalization.  They may breathe more freely and have a sense of calm and clarity. 

The learning process is often full of discovery and personal breakthroughs.

Awareness Through Movement® Classes

Photos by Rosalie O'Connor


Individual Lessons

Functional Integration®

      Each individual Functional Integration® lesson is designed to meet your

individual needs.  Through gentle touch and movement, you will be guided

in a process of self-discovery.  Individual lessons are a good first introduction to the Method® and are especially useful for those with chronic conditions or

those who might benefit from more personalized attention.